What The Hell Is Going ON? - 15th May 1007

  • May. 15th, 2011 at 11:55 PM
not_a_clotpole: (What the Hell is this Crap?!)
In Camelot!

I saw Guinevere today (finally), but she was barefoot! Some sorcerer has cast a spell to make her shoes disappear.

I haven't got a clue what that's meant to prove, I mean, I imagine it must be that Dragoon, it would almost be amusing...except, well, if it was winter poor Guinevere could have lost her toes!

Also, it's just ridiculously annoying.

If I wake up tomorrow without my clothes I'm going to be very, very angry...

This Can't Go On! - 8th December 1006

  • Apr. 17th, 2011 at 11:35 PM
not_a_clotpole: ({Trapped in Merlin's Body} Pout!)
I've been trapped in Merlin's body for three days now.

I've confided in Leon and Guinevere...more than one Guinevere in fact.

But the one thing that hasn't turned up? Any clues to who did this! I'm certain it's that Dragoon again, obviously he thinks that by putting Merlin in my body he can bring down all of Camelot. As a matter of fact though, he's not doing a bad job. At least nobody's accused him of not being me.

Although, should I take this as an insult? Can they really not tell it isn't me? Maybe they're brushing off any odd behaviour as being stress from all the talk of being made regent and Father's continuing stupour.

Father...I haven't been able to visit him...how could I? Like this... I don't imagine Merlin has either. I wonder if it makes any difference... Does he even know I'm there?

Well even if he doesn't I want to be able to visit him again...and you know, be myself!

Damn Dragoon.

Curse the Name of Dragoon - 15th July 1006

  • Mar. 11th, 2011 at 11:29 PM
not_a_clotpole: (Grrrr)
At least I assume this is who is behind this.

I've still got the accent. In fact it might even be thicker! Pretty soon I won't be able to speak at all!

Thanks to the Guinevere I met the other day (the other one, not my one) I managed to get out of all the Council Meetings today by notifying my father of the necessity of going to check the border, with all the tournament competitiors coming and the Tournament being so distracting... Well, it'd be a rather good time for Cenred to make attacks.

As it turned out, he wasn't (frankly, I think he's rather an idiot), but it kept me from talking to anyone, except for Morgana. I've managed to avoid speaking to Merlin!

But I've also been bereft of Guinevere's (my Guinevere this time) company. This depresses me more than I can say. I'm sure even with this stupid accent she'd understand me, she always does!

I will seek her out tomorrow, accent or no accent..even though I'll need Merlin's help, of course, he better not go on about this. Otherwise...I might just enter him in the Tournament.

Speaking of which, it begins on Tuesday - which is Father's birthday in honour of the fact he's the previous champion.

So to bed, tomorrow will be filled with training! And Guinevere if I'm lucky.
not_a_clotpole: (My Thinking Face)
I've never prayed so hard in my life and it actually worked, it never has before... But I guess...

Well, Guinevere's safe! She's been released, I've held her in my arms and it's all because of some senile old man.

This day could have been less shocking, however...firstly, it finally happened, I ran into a Guinevere who looks like my Guinevere, but is not. Not one who doesn't look like her...or even one from the future like a Morgana I also ran into.

I finally found my Guinevere and well...the world was right again.

As for Father....I will never look at him the same way again, I can't imagine ever forgiving him for this. Ever.

But now I'm thinking about that senile old sorcerer...his execution is set for tomorrow, I really don't know if he even understands what's happening. Which is an uncomfortable feeling...which is why I've decided to go and see him. Even if he did knock me out and insult me.

If he is senile, he should hardly face execution should he? I have to know.