My Birthday - 15th November 1007

  • Nov. 15th, 2011 at 8:30 PM
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I wasn't particularly looking forward to this day, after all my birthday last year wasn't anything particularly enjoyable, considering everything...

Actually after everything that happened only a week ago with Lancelot I thought maybe it was unseemly to have any kind of celebrations. But everything has been arranged and people far and wide had come for the markets that always happen during these sorts of things.

And then this morning, Father actually spoke to me! Not his usual confused ramblings, but...about the feast and the fact he wants to be there. Father hasn't left his room for more than a year, now finally... If that's not a cause for celebration I don't know what is!

So I'm ready for the feast...I just wish I knew what the these...things are. I don't know why I'm surprised by what this book does anymore, but really...spiders?

Providing that don't come alive or something...

No matter, the feast is what's important and I seeing Father back on his feet again. It's the greatest gift I could hope for.

And who knows, maybe those stick performers will actually be interesting.
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The past two days have been exceptionally disturbing in all aspects.

And I swear if Merlin ever, ever says anything about what happened...there won't be enough hours in the day for the rotten fruit I will have thrown at him in the stocks.

Anyway, today was Guinevere's birthday, and I'm pleased to say I managed to get a lavender bush, shrub, plant for her...during my er, travels the past few days and if I may say so myself I think I really got it right this time. Despite Gwaine's less than glowing assessment of my gift, but honestly when has Gwaine ever had anything resembling taste.

Speaking of which, I encountered an...older Gwaine the other evening, I can't say the years made much of a difference in his alcohol consumption, but if it was a glimpse into the future I'm glad he's still around.

Not that I'd ever tell him that...

Another Year Older.... 16th November 1005

  • Nov. 16th, 2010 at 10:25 PM
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And another year wiser is how the saying goes, but considering my wisdom and tatical brillance I'm not sure I need to know anymore.

My birthday actually wasn't that exciting as it was pouring down rain so my usual birthday hunting trip was out. Instead I had to entertain myself by mocking Merlin, which is always fun.

If I didn't know better though, I'd think he got some revenge on me, because after a night revellery I woke up in a bit of a predictment, which Morgana fortunately got me out of.

Now I probably drank a bit too much last night, but I didn't think it affected my usual ability with a sword, although after today's training while I was waiting for Guinevere one of those future people showed up and asked me if I was a beginner! A beginner! Me! Ridiculous!

I was breaking in the new sword I ordered from Elyan,'s an incredibly well-made sword, I'd go so far as to say that it's the best sword I've ever used, I'm very interested in seeing how it goes in a fight. Although for Guinevere's sake that hopefully won't be any time soon.

At the moment though it looks like things are going to be very quiet...Father wants me to attend all the council meetings now. And if that's his idea of a birthday present...he needs to consult with Morgana in future - she got me a horse! Now that's a gift!

Oh and the Knights got me a new crossbow and mace - which if you had any idea how slow the Royal Armourer is, you'd appreciate how amazing that is.

And lastly but far from least-ly (?), Guinevere gave me something from the heart, which I'll treasure and keep near. Did I really write something that girly?

So really a very enjoyable birthday.