Snow, snow, go away... - 27th December 1005

  • Dec. 27th, 2010 at 11:58 PM
not_a_clotpole: (Looking Out Window (Night))
First of all, when is this snow going to stop?! It's all ready two feet deep and now the flakes are coming down again. It's ridiculous! I don't understand how Guinevere gets home...

Also, this weather is driving me rather insane...yesterday, I actually sneaked a book from the library and got caught reading it.

That wasn't humilating or anything. My only comfort is the fact that Morgana didn't catch me, I'd never have lived it down. As it is Guinevere and Merlin caught me. And some...strange woman who claimed to be the personification of night.

Really...I don't even...I think I may be seeing things. Wouldn't surprise me...couped up in this castle for more than a week on end - except for the snowmen and the snowball the snow is to deep for even that.

God, I give up...I'm going to hide under my bedcovers and not come out until this is gone.
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To Guinevere's house.

Or at least he's leisurely making his way through Camelot at this early hour heading for the house of his lady love.

He's not of course supposed to go there...but he's going to. She has a Yule gift for him!

He pulls up the hood of his blue cloak as he enters the lower town and on reaching Guinevere's house he knocks on the door - because he's learnt his lesson.

"Guinevere?" He whispers.
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As the traditional Camelot Yule Feast drags on, Arthur decides it's a very good time to escape, besides he has presents to give!

Father's of course will have to be given once he stops talking to the all Counsellors, but in the meantime - Morgana's, Guinevere's and Merlin's gifts!

He's very happy with his selections this year and can't wait to give them out!

Don't keep the Crown Prince of Camelot waiting then, it's extremely rude!

Merry Yule - Ha! - 24th December 1005

  • Dec. 24th, 2010 at 11:36 PM
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Oh, I shouldn't complain...everything seems normal enough in Camelot.

What isn't normal is what the multiverse keeps throwing at me. First a Morgana who...I can barely even say it. I can't even believe it! Even from another world! But then, I suppose I've met a Merlin evil enough (if I ever run into him again it'll be too soon.), but to kill her. Why would he -

Speaking of Merlins...I discovered there's a Future!Merlin as well. Frankly I imagine I'd be very adaptable to new centuries, but Merlin I think not. He was pretty much himself, magic or homicidal tendancies there.

The gift wrapping and so on...

I've suddenly realised though, now that I have April's lovely portrait in hand, how exactly am I going to explain how I got it to Guinevere! I can hardly say I painted it myself! But where would I find someone to commission it in Camelot who doesn't know who I am and possibly who Guinevere is! Of course if I don't give it to her how am I supposed to explain that to April after she went to all this trouble - it really is an incredible portrait. Plus I won't have anything to give Guinevere because her shoes aren't ready yet. It's not like Merlin has any power to make Camelot's cobbler work faster.

As for Father, his goblet has been returned, engraved as requested with no spelling errors (this has in fact happened before), so that's him done.

For Morgana...well it's rather hard to top the dagger, but I think I've managed it! It's not exactly what she wants, but I couldn't find anything from her mother so I had a ring with her crest on it instead. It's not a family heirloom, but I hope she likes it.

Merlin...well...after today I'm not sure I should get him anything, but I can hardly blame him for what other versions of him have done. To be honest I haven't the foggiest idea what Merlin would actually want so I got him a week off and Christmas lunch. An actual Christmas lunch, not leftovers from the feast but one delivered to him (and Gaius). Because Merlin needs to gain weight.

And finally the cloaks! Or current ones are no fit state at all, and usually a knight pays for their own cloak, but I've decided to give them each one as a gift. They look absolutely splendid.

Anyway, this day has exhausted me...if I'm going to be any good tomorrow I have to go to bed now.

Merry Yule.