not_a_clotpole: (What the Hell is this Crap?!)
I sincerely doubt it, this morning I ran into Gwaine, who was having a very strange problem. Privately it was a rather fitting problem and even rather amusing although the sorcery behind it is far from benign I'm sure.

After dealing with Gwaine, Percival returned from patrol with news that he had apparently seen Morgana in the woods close to Leon's childhood home. Being only one man he could hardly attempt a capture, honestly I'm surprised he managed to escape! Apparently Morgana was speaking to a child, I pray she's not planning on doing something horrible to him. After getting this news, the knights and I (sans Gwaine) went to track her down, but she had, of course disappeared. As had the child...I hope he's all right.

We're no closer to knowing where Morgana is hiding out and considering how quickly she disappeared after Morgause's army was destroyed she seems more than capable of moving very quickly. So how are we supposed to track her down?

We need to find her and...well I don't know, but not knowing is dangerous...we never know when she'll strike.