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After last night's escapades.

Someone climbed through my window! And by someone, I mean me...another me that is.

It seems I can't escape, I left the book alone and I ended up in some living nightmare! At least when I write in it the worst I seem to get is visitations by other mes, and Morganas from the past or the future.

I would like to know one thing, if this book would eign to tell me why it's trying to drive me insane.

Not that it'll work, of course.

Got Back From the Patrol - 28th August 1006

  • Mar. 22nd, 2011 at 11:30 PM
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No sign of Cenred's men...I'm beginning to think something is definitely going on...If he thinks he can launch a surprise attack on us however, he's got another thing coming.

But upon my return, I got to experience this bizarre experience.

I'm left rather...confused by it, quite frankly. And I'm not sure what to do with this rose...

I should just go to sleep, perhaps it'll all make sense to me in the morning.

Or not...

Right So... - 24h July 1006

  • Mar. 18th, 2011 at 11:56 PM
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I have to wonder if I just dreamed the last few days.

Yesterday, I dueled with my father, and well...I had to lose. I mean, obviously...I wasn't going to because...who wants to lose? It was embarrassing! Really, really embarrassing. After meeting with Guinevere in the tent I decided that I'd fight at my full skill and let the result fall where it would. It's the knightly thing to do after all.

But's not like when I was a child and I used to dream of going up against my father and winning - Morgana's father used to let me win, it took me forever to figure that one out. But yes, Father would never fight with me, he took duelling seriously...VERY seriously. Which I suppose makes sense when you consider Uncle Tristan.

But anyway, I was out there on the tournament field and more than able to defeat him, not that he wasn't good - I have to make that clear, even if no-one reads this. It's not as if he was absolutely useless out there. Frankly I think I made a rather good showing of losing without...losing obviously.

And of course he was insufferable about it. Honestly! The gloating that man can do! If there was a tournament for that he'd win hands down.

It didn't help that about five minutes after 'losing' I realised the rather unpleasant fact that Father was to fight in the final. Who was he going to be up against? It was either this rather talented knight from the East or...I'm not sure who he was, a boy from the country, Billy, Willie? I wasn't paying attention really. On the face of it I thought, Father's chances would be better with the boy, I mean, he's was all scrawny, reminds me of Merlin really. But then again, he HAD killed someone in the tournament.

Anyway, scrawny or not, this Billy or Willie or whoever, is very impressive, really, if I'd been able to get hold of him afterwards I would have invited him to join the guards.

He lost though, I think it was just brute strength that got Father through, skilled fighter or not someone as scrawny as that didn't really have a hope.

So! Father is the Champion, for another ten years...and if he decides to compete next time, I'm not going to show him any mercy.

And he knows it, because he knows I lost purpose. Really, I didn't think he would he was so busy gloating (really it was embarrassing to watch), but no.

I was expecting him to...well...I don't know, tell me off? Go on how disappointed in me he was? But no...he was grateful! Actually GRATEFUL that I hadn't embarrassed him. I've never seen Father grateful before.

And he told me he'd watch my training, through all the years...I never knew. I thought he didn't even care. But he knew everything about it, every little thing. I can't believe he never bothered to tell me! I don't even...

So yes... very strange...

And then it got stranger, because this...Nexus likes to hit a person when them down.

I ran into a very familiar lady, but not familiar...Because I'd never seen her before.

She was me of course, a FEMALE me, why does this sort of thing happen? It's disturbing!

But not as disturbing what happened next, oh no, I'll probably have nightmares about that...I ran into Merlin. But not as I know him. He was an HER!

I don't even...

A girl Merlin...I mean...I've told him that before,'s quite different seeing him, her like that.

I'll never dream peacefully again...possibly...

It Keeps Going On... - 26th Feburary 1006

  • Feb. 8th, 2011 at 10:45 PM
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I swear my mind's almost gone!

Today only got worse, I saw the knights,
And did they think my predictment was funny all right.

I really must come up with some kind of pay back,
Understanding my situation there has been a lack.

In fact not even a me from the future could see,
Just how painful and humilating this could be.

I'll tell you something and this is no lie,
If this doesn't stop tomorrow I think I might die.

Damnit... 22nd January 1006

  • Jan. 22nd, 2011 at 11:58 PM
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Well this wasn't an embarrassing day or anything...

First of all, there was meeting after meeting...Father decided it was time for me to see what a King's daily schedule involves. And that would be...meetings.

I've been to one or two in my time, but never an entire BLOCK, I was going pretty well, but the last one was particularly boring and well... I fell asleep.

Yes, I know...I'm a dollophead, but you have no idea how boring this meeting was.

Then to top it off, when I got back to my chambers the multiverse decided it hadn't finished with its tricks and I ended up face to face with myself.

And I - he wasn't happy.

I'm going to say this only because it's private...but I can be a total clotpole, can't I?

Ugh, now I'm finally back and I'm going to sleep, no more surprises!
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Yule, which has its pluses and minuses.


Roast pork!
The end of Year Knight Celebrations
Getting to sleep in


Coming up with gift ideas

I'm terrible at coming up with gifts! And it's only got worse since I've added Guinevere and Merlin to the list.

Well, I know what I want to get Guinevere, but it's inappropriate and she won't be able to enjoy it.

As for Merlin, God knows what you get HIM, aside from some decent food. Because honestly? I think he needs it badly.

I've even gone to the extent of asking myself for help. It's not like the multiverse doesn't owe me big.

I also ran into Guinevere, which was quite awkward, but still, I can hardly have her going about thinking such things! They're completely untrue!

Anyway, off to do more gift planning, siiiigh.
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When I'm King? I'm wondering this because with Father still recovering from his poisoning, I had to sit on the council meetings.

That's right, meetings. Apparently, there's a lot more than one...the advisors just keep coming back. Of course, I wasn't actually making decisions so perhaps that's why it was boring. I was pretty much a glorified message boy, writing everythng down bringing it to Father, getting his instructions, going back. I don't know why Merlin couldn't do that.

In fact, I don't even know where he was today...probably with Gaius, they had some sort of falling out over the whole...well these last few days.

So really...the multiverse gave me very little trouble...except for running into myself. Always a pleasure... although kidnapped by faeries? Really? I'm sort of...disappointed in myself, but I'm sure there's more to it than that.

Other than's time to work on the guards some more...a poisoner was wandering the palace and further to that escaped. No it's time for me to take my aggression out on them, instead of practice dummies.
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As does Merlin who woke me up at the crack of dawn this morning. The idiot! I mean he saw me last night (obviously there was some wine mixup), what made him think I'd appreciate that? I felt like my skull had been clobbered by a mace! It was so bad I couldn't even get up for two hours, but I finally managed to see Gaius wo gave me an effective, but almost undrinkable remedy.

Which made me fall asleep.

Long story short, there was no hunting today...hmpf.

But I finally woke up, head clear and ready to face the day - er evening - er night. Or so I thought. I went out for a bit of a walk to get some fresh air and suddenely ended up in some bizarre alternate universe with these things called vampires...that like to suck blood...but apparently they have a problem with wood. Which is a plus I suppose. I'm sure I - that is the other me - will be fine.

I'm still trying to figure out if that was the most disturbing thing that's happened to me this week or if it was meeting that look-a-like of Father. Seeing as the later wasn't trying to kill me, I guess the former wins out.

It'd be much appreciated if the Nexus could stop pulling me around...I've said it before, and I'll say it again, as Prince of Camelot I shouldn't have to live under these conditions.

Nor should anyone's just rude.