It's A New Year... 1st January 1006

  • Jan. 1st, 2011 at 11:04 PM
not_a_clotpole: (So...Embarrassing...)
And ow...I've got a bit of a headache, fortunately the mutliverse or whatever it is, decided not to do horrible things to me today. I don't think I could have dealt with such a thing...

Guinevere loved her new shoes! but I think I might have made a bit of an idiot out of myself. I shouldn't have drunk so much...I blame Merlin for this.

And I think I asked Morgana to dance and it may have ended with me stepping on her I better find out if I did and apologise.

I have no idea where Merlin got to today, I think he might have got into the cider, it's a shame I missed it!

And I haven't seen Guinevere today...there's always tomorrow, however!

I hope the shoes fit...
not_a_clotpole: (My Thinking Face)
Although this feast is alwas a lot more exciting then the others, for one thing it goes for two hours instead of several and for another, at the end we all cheer in the new year. Now that Morgana's back with us everything is sure to be a lot brighter.

Not to mention the fact that as Merlin has returned as of this morning I was able to have him get Guinevere's new shoes. And not that I actually know about women's shoes, but I think these are very pretty, I'll give them to her tonight, hopefully just after the new year begins.

I wonder if I can someone to divert my father for the necessary amount of time.


Well, only 11 mintues to go now, I have to get my robe on and my crown and so on...

How to divert Father's attention...?