17th November 1007

  • Nov. 17th, 2011 at 1:30 PM


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The day after Morgana's birthday, his half-sister is on the Prince's mind.

And apparently the universe decides that this should be shared.

Although, not really because communication has broken down in the Duck Place.

Cats... - 11th August 1007

  • Aug. 11th, 2011 at 11:46 PM
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So a few days ago I was suffering through a meeting with Monmouth when lo and behold a cat showed up. A cat in the middle of the Council room, with the doors closed. Honestly, the guards are still pathetic.

Anyway, it was a very odd cat, very uppity - why would people even want to keep cats I don't know, this one was pretty much trying to order me around. This most embarrassing thing is, I sort of let it. At least until I came to my senses.

Although, I'd like to know where that cat went and who owns it. There was something decidedly strange about it and I'm finding the whole thing suspicious. God knows what sorcery might be capable of...that cat could be some sort of spy, especially since Percival saw Morgana in the forest. I'm sure she'd want to spy on us, plan her next move, whatever that might be.

However, I'm not yet to ask the knights to be on the look out for a cat with golden fur, apart from anything else I'll never hear the end of it from Gwaine.

And for now, I'd like to avoid that.
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I sincerely doubt it, this morning I ran into Gwaine, who was having a very strange problem. Privately it was a rather fitting problem and even rather amusing although the sorcery behind it is far from benign I'm sure.

After dealing with Gwaine, Percival returned from patrol with news that he had apparently seen Morgana in the woods close to Leon's childhood home. Being only one man he could hardly attempt a capture, honestly I'm surprised he managed to escape! Apparently Morgana was speaking to a child, I pray she's not planning on doing something horrible to him. After getting this news, the knights and I (sans Gwaine) went to track her down, but she had, of course disappeared. As had the child...I hope he's all right.

We're no closer to knowing where Morgana is hiding out and considering how quickly she disappeared after Morgause's army was destroyed she seems more than capable of moving very quickly. So how are we supposed to track her down?

We need to find her and...well I don't know, but not knowing is dangerous...we never know when she'll strike.

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I think I saw the future today...

Or maybe it was just the heat?

Either way I saw Morgana, or a Morgana at least.

And she was ill, very ill, worse than Father either.

I have no idea what to make of it...it's not as if I can help her, even though I really want to she can be found.

Maybe she'll run into herself and learn just what's waiting for her if she doesn't-, God only know what she'd make of that.

I'd almost like to see it.

Just When I Thought... - 9th July 1007

  • Jul. 9th, 2011 at 10:44 PM
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Everything was back to normal yesterday, I discover firstly, it's unnaturally hot, searing in fact, training had to be cancelled it was that bad! I of course had put on all my armour and it was hot enough that I basically just had to flop down on the training fieldss and start peeling everything off.

And not five minutes later Morgana appeared! Young Morgana I mean....she wasn't very impressed with me. But...she certainly seemed to be concerned for me, er young me, I mean. Another reminder how much she cared.

And then Merlin threw me in the lake.

Thank God for Merlin...

Today on the other hand has been very quiet, although Gaius is concerned that Father isn't drinking enough water to combat this heat. Yet another worry.

Ugh, it's way too hot to write, I'm going to eat some fruit.

Well, That was Embarrassing - 27th June 1007

  • Jun. 27th, 2011 at 11:25 PM
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After yesterday's fun at the tavern I was in no state to be on a council meeting, at least that was my claim. Gaius, however, was of quite a different opinion and I suppose it wouldn't do to let down Lord Godwin just because I had a bit too much mead.

But I'll tell you who was useless today - or at least more useless than usual - Merlin. Good God, give that man a bit of cider and he's under the table! Gwaine and I had to carry him back to his room! And he hasn't shown up for his duties all day. Gaius mentioned something about him suffering his comeuppance, before he gave me a disgusting tasting potion and sent me on my way.

It'll be amusing to see my manservant tomorrow I can tell you that.

Lord Godwin, the Council and I discussed the consolidation of our resources with Cenred (the kingdom) being so unstable at present. Father did have a point when he mentioned that Lord Godwin's (and some day Elena's) lands were strategic. They'll certainly provide a place to keep a force in case one of the factions in Cenred decide to try something.

I wonder...should I be writing this? Can Morgana read it, I sure as Hell hope not. Perhaps I should try some sort of test? How, I'm not sure...aside from a few days ago there's been no word on either her or Morgause, hasn't been for months. And if she can see this, well...she can just not respond.

I should give up on this book all together. It's magic after all...

25th June 1007

  • Jun. 25th, 2011 at 11:55 PM

Morgana.... - 23rd June 1007

  • Jun. 23rd, 2011 at 11:33 PM
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She can read my book!

That's just what I need and is yet more evidence that I should get rid of it.

But...where would I put it? In the dungeons I suppose. Locked up somewhere...

I suppose I should.

She's probably reading this right now. Knows what I'm doing, what I'm thinking. It's a tactical nightmare!

Right...yes, give up the book.

It's not like it's caused me anything but trouble.
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Today I went to hunt up cherries and strawberries (yes, yes, the kitchen maids could do it, but I was looking for an excuse to escape the castle). It proved to be more difficult than one would think.

I almost ended up in the river!

I also met Morgana...little Morgana. I wanted to say something anything to stop what happens, but I don't know...what could I say anyway? It probably wouldn't even work.

I think I saw Guinevere too...little Guinevere...

And that was as bizarre as can be imagined. She didn't know me at all! It took me quite a while to recognise her as well. I think I handled it rather well...

I would just like to say I managed to get quite a number of strawberries and cherries in the end, depsite everthing. A good knight always finds a way.
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I've always heard about the benefits of such a thing, but obviously it's not for me!

I managed to rope Gaius into distracting Monmouth and I was feeling rather tired (I had to get up at a rather ridiculous hour to achieve it), so I figured I may as well return to bed.

And I had what could only be called the most hideous nightmare. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse.

In fact, it was so...disturbing I don't even want to write about it anymore.

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I'm think I may have figured out why Father was always so quick to send me out into the forest to hunt down...whatever, there's enchantments at work out there and I keep falling under them!

Yesterday's one was particularly cruel and unusual.


I've had rhyming, I've had that strange accent, but never have I had to deal with singing everything.

The only piece of luck? It seemed to affect everyone, so at least I didn't need to suffer by myself this time.

Thank God it wore off before we all arrived back in Camelot, because I have no idea how we would have explained ourselves.

But, I really must remember...Gwaine has quite a high range.

Apart from only being able to sing, I had a dream a few nights, a very bizarre dream... I saw Morgana, which I suppose isn't that unusual, but she...well...it seemed different, like it was actually her.

But that's ridiculous. Impossible.

Still...there's things from that dream that make me think...

I need to speak to Guinevere tomorrow. It's been two days since I've seen her after all!

16th May 1007

  • May. 16th, 2011 at 11:30 PM
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Visited Father today during a lull in the council meetings and treaty discussions. I figured I should fill him in on what's been happening, I thought maybe he'd be interested...

He didn't say a single word, or even look at me. He barely talks at all really, except when he wakes up from nightmares, then it's mostly about Morgana.

There's still no word on her whereabouts, or even possible whereabouts, it's like she's disappeared off the face of the earth.

The sad thing is, I'm pretty sure everyone's glad if that's the case. Except for me...

And Father, of course.

Even if she'd sooner kill us then look at us.


Feeling...A Bit Delicate... - 4th May 1007

  • May. 4th, 2011 at 10:55 PM
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Well, the feast last night was quite the success. Although I think I enjoyed the mead far too much...how else can you explain me seeing Morgana - the old Morgana, before Morgause did...whatever it is she did to her and a Guinevere who was in the middle of her wedding celebrations, our wedding celebrations.

I wonder what my Guinevere would say if I brought that up.

Anyway, I woke up this morning, well noon actually, I had a pounding headaching. Not surprising I suppose...but very bad luck for me, I have to make the closing speech for the Beltane festivities!

Fortunately Gaius prepared a draught for me to take at lunch and I'm confident I can give the speech in a few hours - at midnight.

Although, it's going to be a very short speech, I really have no idea what to say...still! Hopefully I'm not going to have to endure hearing Monmouth's comment on that, maybe he just won't notice.

Miracles happen sometimes.

Ugh... - 26th April 1007

  • Apr. 26th, 2011 at 11:18 PM
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Well, in a display of idiocy that Merlin would no doubt be proud of, I went to Monmouth today and asked him about Beltanes past.

I have only JUST escaped from his clutches (and then the procession of people I ran into afterward, why are people up so late?).

I wish Morgana was here...the old Morgana, she would have been able to tell me what an idiot I was being before I got myself in that situation.

Plus she would have been able to arrange the feast, rather than Guinevere, who after all that hard work can't even attend as an honoured guest.

I hope after all this I actually manage to enjoy this festival after everything.

My Real Advisors...22nd April 1007

  • Apr. 22nd, 2011 at 11:57 PM
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My knights and Guinevere! And in a way, Morgana... If only because of the very strange happenings that have been going on and I don't just mean turning into Merlin.

Speaking of whom, I haven't seen him too much, after being stuck in his body I've been well not so eager to see him. Plus the Feast of Beltane celebrations have been taking up a lot my time.

And if that's not enough, at today's Council Lord Elgon brougt up the fact that with Cenred dead his kingdom is basically leaderless, at least according to reports. This could be a very big problem, even if their army was decimated. Cenred is a very big kingdom, I'm sure they could come up with some sort of mecenary group.

Plus, despite all the treaties, many of the older rulers could be sizing us up as well, we'll have to send out envoys to make it clear that we're still a strong kingdom.

Which...I have to convince myself of, while I'm at it.

Right now I just want to get through Beltane.
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At today's council Lord Elagon (a man almost as old as Monmouth - and that's saying quite a lot) mentioned that the Feast of Beltane is only about ten days away now. Tradition states that a feast, a fair and bonfires be held to celebrate the occasion.

Except...it seems somewhat...wrong to me to be celebrating while the King is in such a state. Lord Elagon pointed out that the people need something to cheer them up after everything's that's happened.

Of course, I would be responsible for opening the Feast, sitting in the grand chair in the Main Hall, distrubuting the extra sacks of grain for the people of the surrounding villages. All the things Father used to do.

And...as far as arrangements go, Morgana.

I often think I shouldn't miss her, but I do...and it's not something I can say to others, no-one would believe it.

I wonder where she is now...does she regret anything? Aside from what happened to Morgause, who Leon tells me is apparently Morgana's half sister - be damned if I understand the connections. But I still don't understand, why would Morgana be so loyal to one half-sibling, but not the other. Am I really that irredeemable and offensive.

This is getting far off topic, I don't know why I write in this book most of the time, it's not like I've ever had a revelation doing so.

I'd be better off training...

Back in Camelot... - 19th October 1006

  • Apr. 11th, 2011 at 11:06 PM
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But Morgana and Morgause are nowhere to be found, Merlin and Gaius were the last people who saw them, in the chamber where they were keeping that damn Cup. Something brought the whole chamber down (Morgause's magic probably) but there's been a whole day of rubble removing and not a single sign.

I don't know what to think about this...I mean...I don't want Morgana to be dead, she's my sister! But...what she did to Camelot.

What she did to Father I...well...I can forgive. Because I don't even want to know what Father was thinking, Lord Gorlois was supposed to be his best friend, and what of Mother?

But I suppose...that's in the past and not much can be done about now...and if I wanted to see Father suffer, well, I've seen enough of that. He's completely shattered...he won't even speak to me or anyone. It's horrible to see.

Everything's just...overwhealming. And Guinevere won't be here until tomorrow...I know if I can last that long! But I'll have to...

In the meantime, I suppose there's Merlin to talk to, it won't be so bad, I mean sometimes he's even wise!

Or maybe I can do what Gwaine - I'm sorry Sir Gwaine would do in these situations...drink mead.

Words Appear on The Page- 18th October 1006

  • Apr. 10th, 2011 at 10:12 PM
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The Reign of Queen Morgana has ended.

The ex-Queen and her sister have disappeared from the ruins of the room that once held the Cup of Life. The immortal army is gone. King Uther is freed from the dungeon, but utterly silent, refusing to speak.

And the Prince is still thinking of the events of earlier that day.

The people of Camelot just want to forget their short-lived Queen, but Arthur won't ever forget...

Today Was...Strange... - 15th September 1006

  • Mar. 25th, 2011 at 11:17 PM
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Morgana and I had a fight today, which you know, isn't strange, in fact it's normal! But I don't know, she seemed...a little off.

I'm sure I'm just imagining it though, I still have no idea why she's so angry, but I figure I'll steer clear of her a bit, which shouldn't be too hard because tomorrow I'm part of the group that's going on a border patrol.

Incidentally, Father wasn't too keen on that, dangers and so forth (honestly, I find this rather odd because Father used to send me out on these missions all the time, he says I need more diplomatic practice), but I could hardly have my knights go in without me. So, as I'm sure Morgana will hear (hmpf, I'm a coward, she says!) I stood my ground and didn't back down, so I'm leading one group and Leon the other.

So there, cowardly and a pushover when it comes to Father, ha! She'll eat those words.

Although I probably won't be here to enjoy it, shame.


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