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The Crown Prince joins Sir Lancelot for an after-training drink.

It's not as horribly awkward as Arthur feared...
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There's still training of course!

Of course, I do think of the new knights - I ran into Lancelot today, he seemed a bit...distracted...I was worried that the noble knights might have been causing trouble. But no, it was something else entirely. Although, it was not entirely a relief.

Anyway, training! Thank God for training! Nothing like duels or taking the head off a dummy - especially after hours of Council Meetings. It's also good for taking my mind off Father, who's returned to his stupour according to Gaius, which just makes me feel guilty...

I'm no good at all this 'thinking', it just makes me feel worse. I suppose I could go out and torture the practice dummy some more, but I'm sure Monmouth will insist I be up at a ridiculous hour, so I best be prepared.

And if he doesn't, I'm sure Merlin will wake me.

Figures... - 3rd January 1006

  • Jan. 3rd, 2011 at 11:25 PM
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That I would see Guinevere today just after Merlin lead the entire band of Camelot knights into a snowdrift.

The multiverse also threw a Lancelot at me, which was rather interesting, I haven't asked him from which point in time he comes from or what he's been up to. I suppose it's likely he isn't the Lancelot of my world. It's not exactly something anyone would bring up, would it? You'd sound completely insane if you did.

But yes, could have done without Guinevere seeing me shivering and and looking rather pathetic. Still! She was wearing the shoes...and she was most concerned that I get myself warmed up.

Ah...I love her. I just may have to avoid snow if I'm not to look stupid in front of her.

And mead...

I Shouldn't Complain... - 8th December 1005

  • Dec. 8th, 2010 at 10:29 PM
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I shouldn't and I've written this before, but Father's placed another round of reports on me...since the weather has cancelled the training sessions.

Yes, it's been snowing...a ridiculous amount! I haven't seen so much snow in years! It was shin high, the last time it was like that...was...well I'm pretty sure I was only nine years old. Good times...good times.

Not to say right now wasn't good times, because I wasn't the only one who went for a walk, I met Guinevere out there. Looking lovely in the snow...I even carried her. She's lighter than Morgana...don't repeat that - what am I writing? You're a book, you can't-

But I suppose after enjoying such an afternoon I should expect a drawback in the form of working on a grain report for Father.

Of course, the multiverse decided to throw up a ridiculous number of people. Even Lancelot showed up! I'm not sure if he was the same one...I wonder if Guinevere will see him and...what will happen when she does.

I should stop this train of thought...