A Feast Fit for...Someone... - 17th May 1007

  • May. 17th, 2011 at 11:54 PM
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Seeing as the treaty talks are going so well, the feast at the end of the week will be more important than ever.

Which just makes things a hell of a lot more important. Not that I'm imagining the kitchen staff will accidentally poison everyone or a few nobles will get into a huge fight, but it needs to be pretty much perfect, because kings are sometimes impossible to please.

I'm relieved to report that Guinevere's shoes have been returned to her. In all honesty, my father would be almost rabid at this sort of thing happening, but if this is the worst a sorcerer wants to do, well...better that then something more serious.

Casting spells on Guinevere though, I can't say I have much patience for that. Guinevere's never hurt anyone in her life, if this sort of thing continues however, something will have to be done. Stupid pranks still take up time after all.

Right, more treaty talks tomorrow so I better make sure I'm well rested.
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I've been informed that common tradition dictates that a feast be thrown to mark King Tewdrig's arrival.

We just had a feast... now I have to help with another one? Did Guinevere keep notes? I hope so.

I've sent Gwaine and Elyan out for a mission to the borders of Cenred to see what's going on. They're the fastest on horseback of all the knights, except for me of course, but seeing as I can't leave...

I've also had Leon resume his position on the council, which I'm sure he isn't thanking me for, but it's good to have a friendly face. Although Merlin's attempted to keep me company during the meetings. I have the feeling though, he may be prefecting the ability to sleep on his feet. After all, servants are meant to keep their heads down. Sadly I can't say the same.

So yes, first thing to do tomorrow...find Guinevere!

Hopefully with such thoughts bouncing around my head I'll have sweet dreams, rather than boring ones where Monmouth's talking my ear off...Fingers crossed.
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Even though the man is dead. Unbelievable.

Basically the problem is his kingdom. Cenred had no children - at least not any acknowledged children and no family it would seem, because in the months he's been dead no-one there seems to be trying to take the crown. It's not much of a kingdom if you ask me, which is probably the reason for that, but King Tewdrig is of the opinion that having a kingless kingdom is a liability and possibly a dangerous one.

Caerleon happens to be seperated from Cenred by Camelot, so he must be extremely worried. But as one of the councillor's mentioned a raid through our norther borders that could also encompass Caerleon (which is only a small kingdom) is more than possible.

So all this is bouncing around in my head and I have no idea what I''m supposed to do exactly. I suppose Cenred should be annexed, but Camelot is still recovering from Morgause and her army and not surprisingly Camelot's own army is less than enthusiastic about marching off and leaving family behind, especially since we don't have much of an idea of what's going on in Cenred.

I'm thinking spies might be useful...to report on the situation. Gwaine in particular would probably be suited to such a task. I need to track him down tomorrow - I'm sure he's in the tavern but I'm worn out.

Which is really quite sad.