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Merlin has been left in a horrible state...

And the Nexus has decided now is the time to pluck Arthur from his world.

What...the... - 13th May 1006

  • Feb. 27th, 2011 at 11:09 PM
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I can't...

I don't even...

I've heard about it, from others, but it finally happened.

I ran into a...FEMALE me. A female ME!

I'll never rest easy again! He, she, me seems to be stuck that way. My God, what if that happened to me?

I don't even want to think about it.

I pretty much fled from that...disturbing sight and ended up in that Nexus place, April was there, it's always nice to see her, although she was in a bit of a state. I think I was able to help at least, a lot more than I was able to help my female self.

God only knows how he - she will explain that...
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It's never happened before actually! I was in my chambers writing about the current repair works needed on the western wall when who should suddenly appear as if out of nowhere, but April.

She's never appeared in my world before. However, I was rather more distracted by the fact that she was confessing to cheating. I never would have expected that! Of course it turned out to be on a written test, which makes a difference. I've cheated on one of those before.

It's a little concerning appearing here, she has some form of magic and although it is not of our world, I imagine that wouldn't make any difference to Father, he wouldn't believe it for one thing.

I've warned her of the dangers though, so I'm sure she won't do anything foolish, at least...I hope not.

It's still freezing out, I've added snowguards to the snowknights now, it's getting rather ridiculous actually...I should stop, not that anyone knows it's me (at least I don't think), but there could be suspicions.

And I'd rather avoid people thinking me daft.
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In the multiverse....

I ended up in there last night when I went out into the corridor to see if the guards were still awake. I ran into April who had a very interesting question! And it's made me think, I've meet five different versions of myself! And one was a girl! It's bizarre! I wonder if I'm supposed to be learning something from this. I assume so, but I can't really say what...Be nicer to Morgana? Be relieved Merlin isn't evil or a sorcerer?

I'd really like it to be more clear...I'm a busy man with a lot of duties, I don't have time to be thinking about...what's that word? I can't remember. But I don't have time for it.

Father has announced a visit to the fields tomorrow to see how the winter crops are fairing, if at all, so I especially don't have time now.

So, multiverse, make things clearer if you will.

Ugh... - 30th December 1005

  • Dec. 30th, 2010 at 11:31 PM
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The reports are be honest I'm not sure this is really necessary, I mean is the grain count really going to change that much in a week, or at least to an extent I have to write a whole lot on it.

Father is absolutely insistant, so there's no getting out of it.

But I've finally finished the new wheat figures and now I'm going to see if I can find a way into the Nexus so I can give April her Yule gift (she gave me that beautiful painting which I gave to Guinevere.)

Wish me luck, it's rather hit and miss!

I Am...In Fact Crazy... - 23rd December 1005

  • Dec. 23rd, 2010 at 11:58 PM
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Yes, I can no longer deny it, the snow and enforced idleness here in the castle has driven me insane.

Witness today's events.

After the purple hands incident, which Guinvere rescued me from (and necessitated that I reveal my gift) I was back to square one with gift ideas.

But last night I had a dream an inspiration struck! Shoes. Girls love shoes, at least, I know Morgana does. Of course, they're rather hard to see with the floor length dresses, but if it makes them feel comfortable, why not.

There was just one problem...I don't know Guinevere's shoe size. I could have just asked of course, but where's the surprise in that? So, what could be more natural than sneaking into her house to find a pair.

I swear to you, this seemed to make perfect sense at the time. I am MAD, and I discovered Guinevere there. I had no idea...I mean she always seems to get to the castle so EARLY! I didn't even realise it was so early. embarrassing!

After that I tried to get Merlin to do it for me...but he must be getting smarter because he wouldn't.

But! I've just returned from the Nexus having met with April who's acting normal once more and she has saved me! She's going to paint a portrait of Guinevere and I. I have every faith it'll will be amazing.

And failing that, I'm going to get Guinevere some door locks...the security of her house is completely lacking.

Although she certainly knows how to wield a poker!