What Dreams May Come... *Action Sequence*

  • Nov. 26th, 2011 at 2:05 PM
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The King awakes to a very different world from the one that he has always known.

Except...it doesn't feel like that to him. It seems that this is how it's always been.

How different one change can make...

Right now Arthur has just made his first speech to the people as King in his own right...and he hasn't a clue as to how he went. Anyone care to enlighten him?
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[Arthur is fast asleep on his book...which could well be the reason such odd dreams will come to him this night.

But dreams are always strange, aren't they...?]
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The past ten days have been mentally, if not physically draining. But since snapping out of his dispondency a few days ago, Arthur's mind has been full of plans, questions and fears. The people of Camelot need him, that much is true, but how could he come to their and his father's rescue?

Then Leon and Guinevere appeared...two people he had been sure were lost to him forever.

And then Lancelot and his friend, Percival had appeared and the little group of Arthur, Merlin, Gwaine, Elyan and Gaius had grown to what Arthur was somewhat confident could make some impact on Camelot.

That was why he had knighted Elyan, Gwaine, Percival and Lancelot, even though he knew that Father would never agree with it. But decisions had to be made and Arthur had made this one.

Now though, it was nearly midnight and quiet.

Tomorrow morning he, Merlin, Leon and the new knights would set out to take back Camelot or die trying.

It wasn't a pleasant thought, particularly in light of Guinevere. He'd just got her back and now he was to leave her again.

It's the sort of thing a king would do to protect his people and Arthur would of course, one day be king.

Still, it didn't make sleeping any easier and he was sitting up in a corner of the large room of the abandoned castle, thinking...
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The Great Tournament Quarter Finals begin in just half an hour and Arthur is pacing in his tent, fortunately his father isn't there (sharing at tent with your next competitior is just a little too awkward...) so it's clear for Guinevere. He'd sent her a message and he's sure if she can, she will be here.

If she doesn't come though, he doesn't know how he's going to get through this duel.
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As arranged with Morgana a few days ago, Arthur comes to her chambers at just before mid-afternoon.

He's full of anticipation, it's been three whole days since he's been in close quarters with Guinevere.

He really can't thank Morgana enough for this.
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It's quite late at night, but Arthur heads down to the dungeons regardless, nodding at the guards as he passes them, torch in hand.

He comes to the cell that holds the condemned sorcerer and stands for a moment in front of it.

He can see the old man huddled in the corner of the cell and after a moment.

"So...Dragoon the Great, right?"
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"It's been four days of rhyming,
It's getting alarming!

This is ridiculous!
Need stop rhyming NOW"


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To Guinevere's house.

Or at least he's leisurely making his way through Camelot at this early hour heading for the house of his lady love.

He's not of course supposed to go there...but he's going to. She has a Yule gift for him!

He pulls up the hood of his blue cloak as he enters the lower town and on reaching Guinevere's house he knocks on the door - because he's learnt his lesson.

"Guinevere?" He whispers.
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As the traditional Camelot Yule Feast drags on, Arthur decides it's a very good time to escape, besides he has presents to give!

Father's of course will have to be given once he stops talking to the all Counsellors, but in the meantime - Morgana's, Guinevere's and Merlin's gifts!

He's very happy with his selections this year and can't wait to give them out!

Don't keep the Crown Prince of Camelot waiting then, it's extremely rude!
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This multiverse thing has resulted in any number of bizarre encounters.

This evening's encounter requires him to accompany a small girl to the Forest of Balor just outside Camelot.

The sun had almost set by now and Arthur debated the wisdom of this.

The kid, Stephanie, was about to be deterred and no self-respecting person would allow a small child to wander into the forest unaccompanied, so here he was.

He could only hope that only deer and badger would be wandering around in the woods tonight.
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It's just after dawn and the grounds of Camelot Castle were still quiet, because unless you're a servant or peasant who'd up at this hour?

But this morning the Crown Prince happens to be up...and sneaking.

He's heading for the training grounds where he's meeting an all-important foe.

A long existing rival.

For too long has his challenger repeated events that happened many years ago - that aren't even true!

A Knight of Camelot does not stand for exaggeration and slander.

Yes...this time Morgana's gonna get it.


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