Possibilities... - 17th August 1007

  • Aug. 17th, 2011 at 11:53 PM
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For legitmaing my position as temporary ruler here in Camelot. I sort of forgot about it in all the turmoil that happened afterwards, but April had a very good idea indeed. A tournament. No doubt Merlin would think it's ridiculous, but tournaments display the best warriors in a kingdom and those warriors earn respect... So I'm thinking we need one, because I'm more than capable of winning it.

Of course, the Council will cause trouble I'm sure, since a ruler - even a temporary one - is hardly supposed to be risking life and limb in a tournament. I think I'll be able to get around that, Father did after all.

There's a bit of an issue with a few of the kingdoms though...ones that haven't been invited to tournaments due to, well, complete and utter disregard for the Knight's Code. Father would be appalled if he knew what I was thinking of doing.

But the point is...he doesn't and I'm running out of options. Inviting back disgraced knights is a small price to pay when the alternative is an invasion and war.


Are they SERIOUS?! - 29th July 1007

  • Jul. 29th, 2011 at 7:05 PM
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After what seems like years - even days is too much if you ask me - the delegates from Mora have finally put their reasoning for asking Camelot for so many concessions in the new treaty.

Lady Helen's death.

It took me a good minute to remember who they were talking about. I mean, that was over four years ago now, if they had such a big problem with it I'd have thought they'd have raised a stink a lot earlier.

But no...obviously this is a direct reflection on my abilities or Mora's preception of them. They think because I've never negoiated outright on treaties before I'm easy pickings or something.

Well, they've made a big mistake there. If they think they can walk all over me...

I'm setting Monmouth loose on them for today's meeting, if they're not begging to keep the treaty unchanged (and it's a very fair treaty) by the end of today I might just give them one of two concessions out of shock!

Yeah, I can't see that happening...

.... - 8th July 1007

  • Jul. 8th, 2011 at 2:04 PM
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Am I back? I pray that I'm back. The castle looks like it should, my room looks like it should...

The view -

It's the same too!

And this stupid book is here too.

Thank GOD!!!!

I've just spent seven days in...I don't know where. The people said it was Camelot...it didn't look a thing like it! I didn't see a single familiar face.

The same couldn't be said for names. The king there claimed to be King Arthur! And his Queen...she was named Guinevere.

They were obviously imposters. And not very good ones if you ask me. It was almost insulting! Particularly the one who claimed to be Guinevere! She...I don't even know how to describe her! She was like Vivian!

And worst of all...


Everyone sang! At the strangest times! Just out on the street! At a tournament! Wherever! Obviously some sort of magic, it even affected me!

Unbelievably enough that wasn't even the worst part...I can't sing (although I don't think anyone noticed because they couldn't either!), but that was far better than having this... fake Guinevere try her wiles on me!

Actually, I think she tried her wiles on everyone! It was the most bizarre thing I've ever seen in my life. I'm not sure what the so-called Arthur was doing when all this was going on.

But yes, I had to explain my presence and clothing somehow so I claimed I was Sir William of Deira, which worked well enough. Anyway...I was minding my own business when this fake Guinevere skipped on up to me and asked me ever so casually to kill Lancelot!

Not in so many words, of course, but that was the suggestion! I hadn't noticed Lancelot was even there, but apparently so...he didn't look like himself either. All the same I wasn't about to kill him!

I kept trying to wake up, maybe I should have got myself killed... But that probably wouldn't have worked, I'm sure Lancelot would have just reserrected me.

I don't even...

I don't want to think about this anymore, now that everything's back to normal, I just want to go to training and forget about it.

And don't sorcerers have better things to do?