June 25th, 2014

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Player Age: 30
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Character Name: Prince Arthur Pendragon
Age: 22
Canon/canon point: BBC Merlin - End of Season 2

Character History:
As the heir to the Crown of Camelot - Arthur Pendragon has been trained to kill since birth (at least that's his story). The son of King Uther Pendragon and Queen Ygraine, Arthur's life began with a tragedy, his mother's death, the result of which led to King Uther's declaration of war against magic.

During his boyhood Arthur was pampered, but also somewhat isolated, he was considered the great hope for the future by the people of Camelot (especially in light of King Uther's extreme reaction to the slightest rumour of magic). Used to being the centre of attention - at least by the servants - his entire life changed when Morgana, daughter of Duke Gorlois came to live at Camelot after her father's tragic death. Although Morgana wasn't a stranger - there had been yearly visits - having her as a surrogate sister was a completely different matter. The two were more often than not at each other throats, but ever so often they would team up to wreck havoc, particularly upon their tutor, Geoffrey of Monmouth. Most of their arguments centred on the fact that Morgana often got attention from King Uther, attention that Arthur craved but never seemed to get.

When he was 12, Arthur began the long training towards becoming a knight of Camelot, although he moved through the process quite swiftly, proving to be a very skilled fighter as well as strategist. By the time he was 18 he had become Champion and the Leader of the Knights of Camelot.

Arthur gained his full title as Crown Prince on his 21st birthday, but less than a year prior to this a new face showed up in Camelot - a boy by the name of Merlin. The two got off to a rather poor start, with Merlin insulting the Prince and ending up in the dungeon and then later on got into a rather one-sided fight. Despite all this, Merlin ended up saving Arthur's life and as a "reward" was made Arthur's manservant by a grateful King Uther.

Despite finding Merlin rather idiotic, with a complete lack of hunting skills or tact, Arthur has grown quite fond of him and the two might even be described as friends - although both would probably deny that. They've both saved each other from death or injury numerous times - most notably when Arthur defied his father's orders to bring back a rare plant that would save Merlin from being poisoned.

Arthur's relationship with Merlin has also led to him seeing servants and those who aren't of noble blood in a new light, in particular Guinevere, the daughter of Camelot's blacksmith. Despite King Uther being responsible for Gwen's father's death (finding him guilty of colluding with sorcerers), the two of them have begun to develop very strong feelings for each other. Gwen even allowed Arthur to stay at her home while he was pretending to be Sir William of Deria to prove that he was Champion not because of his position, but his skill. Despite his feelings though, Arthur is somewhat resigned to the idea that a relationship could never happen.

As he moves into adulthood, Arthur's relationship with Morgana has become rather complicated, there are a number of courtiers who feel that they should marry, although King Uther has given no indication he would approve such a match. As for Arthur and Morgana, they have a more sibling relationship than anything else, they might snap at each other a lot, but they would also do anything to protect each other. Which makes Morgana's recent disappearance particularly difficult for Arthur to accept and he has spent countless days on patrol with the rest of the knights hoping to bring her home.

There is also the possibility that Camelot may be invaded by King Cendred and his army, who has refused to sign any treaties with Camelot and seems quite intent on expanding his kingdom. All this on top of a recent attack on Camelot by a Dragon, which has left the castle and its surrounds rather devastated.

Character Abilities:
Arthur is an extremely skilled knight - who has experience with any number of weapons although he's most comfortable and proficient with a sword.

He's a very good strategist when it comes to winning battles, particularly if it seems like the odds are against him. As an expert hunter, Arthur is also very good at tracking and also hiding if the situation calls for it.

Character Personality/Role:
Arthur has a tendency to be arrogant and a bit - as Merlin would say - a clotpole when it comes to other people's feelings. He has the best of intentions, however and is always ready to help those in trouble, even those who his father might consider beneath the notice of royalty.

He's also a bit socially inept, often inadvertly insulting or talking down to those not of his rank. Since Merlin's become his manservant he's been getting a little better at not doing so, since he'll get called out for it.

Arthur is a leader, if there's trouble he'll be first in line and will give everything he has to remedy the situation. As long as it involved weapons and/or hand to hand combat, diplomacy isn't Arthur's strong suit to say the least.

Arthur main goal in life is to protect Camelot, the kingdom he will one day rule as King. Recently he has started to question his father's way of doing things, but he's still quite uncertain about his own abilities to be a ruler.

At the moment he's on a mad search for Morgana, who he believe was kidnapped by the witch Morgause. At the same time he also has to deal with his father's depression over Morgana's disappearance and the rebuilding of parts of Camelot, which were destroyed after the last of the Dragons escaped from its captivity under the castle.

Character’s Door and game specific goals:

Arthur's door appeared while he was out searching yet again for Morgana and is willing to turn over every stone in the forest to find her. And although he has never seen a door quite like this, he has heard rumours of various abandoned buildings scattered throughout the forest so willingly enters it, hoping to find Morgana or perhaps a clue to where she might be. He doesn't think to ask for backup, since rushing headlong into things is a rather bad habit of his.

What are the win conditions for your character?
Arthur, for all his arrogance, is insecure, particularly about his own opinions. While he has his own ideas about what kind of kingdom Camelot should be (Morgana has often challenged him to think for himself rather than follow his father's lead) he isn't confident enough that they're the right choice. Also despite recent adventures and his experience in battles, Arthur hasn't had a lot of experience with the wider world and has been brought up to distrust magic, any forms of it. Arthur needs to gain not only belief in himself, but also realise that magic is not inherently evil.

And Finally, examples:
One First Person example:
"Merlin? Merlin...where did you...? Honestly, he's hopeless, what's the point of having a manservant who can't keep up with you? He's probably in another ditch...how could someone be so blind?

And now I'm talking to myself. This is what you do to me, Merlin, make a Crown Prince talk to himself.

Really, you idiot, where are you?"

One Prose example: It didn't take too long for Arthur to realise he was not in the Forest of Ascetir, or indeed any forest he knew of.

How had this happened? Granted this isn't Arthur's usual hunting territory, but he's been here quite a few times (usually because of Merlin) but he has a good memory and he certainly doesn't remember these sorts of trees. He's never trees like these ever...it's as if he's wandered into a foreign land, but that's not possible, only a few moments ago he was in Albion.

Arthur tenses, not exactly scared, because the Crown Prince of Camelot does not get scared like a little girl, but definitely more alert. He's heard stories of people who have suddenly appeared somewhere else and one thing those stories have had in common was...magic.

A shiver runs up Arthur's spine, who would use magic on him? And where is the caster of the spell now?

His hand goes to his sword hilt, one thing is for sure, whoever is behind this isn't going to find him easy prey.

One Action/Spam example: I've never actually done anything like this game before? So I don't actually have a sample for this! I learn quickly though, so I'm sure I'll figure out how it goes!